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Marie-Josée Bilodeau is an artist from the Lévis region. With no formal art training, she has proven that authentic artistic expression can flourish off the beaten path.

Inspired by the duality of life, Marie-Josée has chosen to express herself through a distinctive artistic language: a bold exploration where black and white merge harmoniously with color.

The black and white half of her creations reflects elegant simplicity, while symbolizing the light and shadow present in every aspect of life. The color half explodes in vibrancy, embodying the richness and complexity of human emotions.

Marie-Josée has participated in many local symposia and exhibitions, attracting the attention of art lovers and critics alike. Her work is both introspective and captivating, evoking profound reflections on the duality of existence.

Her innovative brush-to-spatula approach adds tactile texture and depth to her creations. Each work becomes a sensory experience, inviting the viewer to feel the passion and emotion behind each stroke.

Today, Marie-Josée pursues her artistic journey with determination, leaving an indelible mark on the contemporary art landscape.

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