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Artistic approach

The expression "The eyes are the mirror of the soul" is very deeply rooted in me. It's the look and emotion in my characters that I want the viewer to feel. I seek to touch people through the authenticity of my subjects.

In my artworks, black and white can represent many things. Sometimes it's the realistic side or envelope of the being, sometimes it's the darkness side. The color part can be interpreted as the character's spirit, the baggage of his evolution or even his hidden part or light. I'm particularly fond of Louisa May Alcott's quote, which aptly describes my art: "If you want to paint life with sincerity, you need both light and shadow".

To help the viewer interpret my thoughts and the emotions I want to convey, I like to search keywords or phrases in various magazines, books or newspapers. I then paste these keywords into my canvases. I like to paint with brushes and knives, using a variety of mediums: acrylic, gel, modeling paste, oil and collage. In each of my works, you'll discover the rotary evolution of my technique, from brush to spatula, from fine lines to thick textures.

An arrow, symbolizing life, is hidden in my work. Humans evolve, they need to set goals, encounter obstacles and keep moving forward, that's what my arrow means.

I see people, animals and nature as works of art. Through my work, I want people to integrate the beauty of world around us into their daily lives. I want to bring joy and well-being into their lives. I want them to feel an emotion!

Vache Charlotte par MJ Bilodeau


I consider humans, animals, nature a work of art. 

Einstein art abstrait


Through my paintings, I want people to integrate the beauty of nature that surrounds us into their lives and daily routine. I hope to inspire cheerfulness and well-being in their life. I play with color and light so that they can be admired day and night.

A travers le temps oeuvre de MJ Bilodeau
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