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The yin (black) corresponds to the earth, the moon, the shadow, the cold, the water. Yang corresponds to the sun, the light, the heat. Each of the two opposing and complementary aspects of all that exists and whose permanent alternation and interaction produce life, form the great principle of universal order.  The black and white shapes in the circle represent the interaction of two opposing energies.  The "S" shape of the black and white sections of the symbol itself symbolizes the continual movement of these two energies. The two parties mutually share space, complementing each other in an endless cycle.


30 inches by 30 inches

Rigid canvas



Acrylic and oil


If delivery

Canvas is wrapped in paper  bubble, plastic bag, recycled cardboard box.

A certificate of authenticity of the canvas signed by the artist.

All rights reserved to MJ Bilodeau  Artist, any reproduction is illegal.

Yin Yang Bear

  • Your satisfaction is important to me. Do not hesitate to contact me. I accept returns and exchanges.

    Contact me  : 7 days after delivery

    Return items within: 20 days of delivery (delivery at your expense, with required packaging and compulsory insurance).

  • The canvas is packed in bubble wrap, plastic bag, recycled cardboard box for small and medium works. A large format work shipped over a long distance or internationally will be sent in a wooden box and may be subject to additional charges. Contact the artist for the cost. Insurance is taken during shipment with the carrier.

    You will receive a certificate of authenticity of the work signed by the artist. All rights reserved to MJ Bilodeau, any reproduction is illegal.

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